‘a change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one’

Although this term is largely used in zoology, it was very suitable for our ever-changing circumstances surrounding the coronavirus pandemic. A pandemic as brutal as Covid-19 doesn’t come around often so Emily decided to document her experience in the only way she really knew how...photography. 
Although we were stood still, life continued. Nature knew no difference. With limits on travel, we were suddenly taking more notice of our surroundings. Many started appreciating where they live while others realised how limiting their local surroundings were. Many were stuck in private flats with no garden or safe, peaceful walks nearby. Emily was lucky. She was surrounded by hills and farms and plenty of options for a walk to escape the chaos which made her experience a lot easier than some. Metamorphosis is a personal zine project created during COVID restrictions in 2020. Documentation of coronavirus figures for Wales is presented alongside an image representing experiences of the corresponding day.
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